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Central Media Group sponsoring kids at Nozala Primary School

Central Media Group sponsoring kids at Nozala Intermediate School and helping us to #inspiredreams


Young entrepreneurs at Nozala Intermediate School in Phahameng, Bloemfontein, had their first introduction to the world of business as they started a year-long entrepreneurial, financial literacy skills programme in May. Central Media Group (CMG) has partnered with Young Entrepreneurs (YE) to equip a group of Grade 1s and 2s for future business by helping them start and grow their own micro-enterprises in a fun and experimental way.
The past few weeks these learners were taken through the entrepreneurial cycle, where each learner started their own business and were taught the following: naming and registering your business, designing a logo, setting goals for your business, looking at your target market, planning and making a product, doing market research, calculating revenue and profit.
Everything the learners learnt through the programme culminates on the market day, which will be held at Emoya Estate, Volksblad Kos & Kunsmark” on Saturday 29 October 2016. Here learners will put all the knowledge gained into practice by having their own stand and selling their products.
These learners will continue with the 15 weeks’ Financial Literacy Programme in 2017. This programme allows learners to “experience” money and gain relevant knowledge about money – where it comes from and the choices they have in either saving, spending or sharing it. This programme covers, among others, the following topics: What money is, what role it plays and how it changed over the years; Key features & differences in our coins and banknotes; Where money comes from; The flow of money; What banks do; Different methods to pay for things; Differentiating between needs & wants; Setting money goals; Understanding a budget; The importance of saving money; The balance between spending and saving; and The significance of sharing.


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