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Why Partner with Young Entrepreneurs Foundation?

Young Entrepreneurs Foundation needs partners like you

We are all too aware that South Africa has historically and still is struggling to create enough employment for school leavers and those with a tertiary education. We are also not saying that tertiary education will not aid in getting a job, but South Africa is relying more and more on entrepreneurs and small businesses to create employment for South Africa’s youth.

Why Young Entrepreneurs Foundation?

Young Entrepreneurs noted the problem in the educational development of children in South Africa. Entrepreneurship and financial literacy play a very small and most times no role at all in this development. These two concepts are the cornerstone of what Young Entrepreneurs Foundation instils in its member’s young minds.


Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, establishing and running a business, often a small business. The people who start these businesses and take a gap they see in the market or a different approach to a product or service are called entrepreneurs. The concepts and the mental approach to entrepreneurship can be taught, but across most of South Africa, this is not currently the case.

Financial Literacy

What exactly is financial literacy? It is more than just being able to work with money. Even for those who do not end up becoming entrepreneurs, being financially literate is a big advantage. Financial literacy is made up of specific lessons (age dependent) that teach children about money management, enabling them to build a business for themselves and it can also be applied in their personal lives.

The Young Entrepreneurs programmes allow children to discover money through interactive games, simulations, applications and many other hands-on activities and multi-media forms. In essence, it teaches responsible money management, banking, investing, saving and so much more.