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The Value of Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills Development

For many years, we have placed such a vital emphasises on the education of children. Many people have fought for the fundamental right for all children to have a primary, secondary and more recently a tertiary education. The reason why this is emphasised in policies and organisations dedicated to the plight is due to the opportunities that come with being educated. However, this isn’t where it ends. With the influx of unemployment and a market that is saturated with highly trained young people, the need for entrepreneurs has increased.

As a Foundation we believe in the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to ignite that spirit right from the minute children enter the primary education system. Fundamental entrepreneurial skills alongside traditional education have a significant impact on the skill development of these children and furthermore allow them to create opportunities for themselves and others by starting businesses and creating employment for others through these businesses.

We will consider why it is so imperative to teach these entrepreneurial skills at an early age and furthermore elaborate on the value of investing in this kind of extramural skills development.

Why is it imperative to teach entrepreneurial skills to children from an early age

  • First and foremost it creates a robust entrepreneurial culture promoting economic growth and job creation.
  • Entrepreneurial education is essential skills that are almost a necessity in the 21st-century job market.
  • This kind of education stimulates creativity, builds motivation and confidence and furthermore how to be resilient. Moreover, it gives children the opportunity to foster workplace readiness skills such as problem-solving, critical and higher order thinking.
  • Programmes such as these afford children the chance to learn how to use technology and maths effectively and efficiently.
  • In addition to life skills, kids get exposed to financial responsibility and financial literacy. This is a vital skill we all need to adopt as it comes in handy once you reach adulthood. It lays the foundation for financial practices in the future.

Why it is valuable to invest in entrepreneurial skills development

  • When investing in programmes that take education beyond the classroom, opportunities are afforded to those that otherwise would not have had the means.
  • Entrepreneurial skills are not fully explored in the formal education system. Therefore investing in an extra-mural programme like Young Entrepreneurs (YE) and YE Foundation, which provides practical application of financial literacy skills and entrepreneurial skills, which in turn creates a platform for these kids to think beyond the classroom and conventional career paths.
  • Investing in YE Foundation programmes, also allows children to understand the value of not only bettering themselves by starting their own businesses but also bettering the economy by creating more career opportunities for others.
  • An investment in our youth will have a fundamental return on investment to any investing business. How? When instilling these vital skills in the lives of children, the result is two-fold. Firstly a more skilled workforce is created which brings much-needed skills into the organisation. Secondly, entrepreneurs also become clients (consumers) of these businesses. This creates a cycle of sustainable skills development for companies as well as job creation for the country.

Looking after the development of children is a community effort and cannot end with us as the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation. Your impartation is highly valued and has massive implications for the sustainability of the future, the country and most importantly the lives of the young. Therefore, investing in programmes like ours will always reap a high return.

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