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How Young Entrepreneurs Foundation Impacts Adults

How Young Entrepreneurs Foundation Impacts Adults

An open letter from a Young Entrepreneurs facilitator

In our previous blogs, we touched on the importance of teaching financial literacy and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship in the lives of kids and teenagers. Furthermore, we have addressed the human value of these programmes and how it will yield so much return for these kids later in life. Along with this we have touched on the impact Young Entrepreneurs programmes and lessons have on moulding children and how this has assisted parents in teaching their kids various skills they will use later in life.

There is even more to being a Young Entrepreneur’s facilitator can be extremely rewarding. This programme does not only have an impact on the lives of young children but can furthermore impact the facilitator’s life and all of this spills over to the parents and even other adults in their community. There comes a great reward from moulding the mind of a young person.

Open letter from Young Entrepreneurs facilitator – Ms. D.L WARD

The personal reward for being a facilitator at Aeroville

I feel very honoured to be part of this life-changing experience as a YE facilitator at Aeroville. I have gained a lot of knowledge after completing the Be Centsable programme about the different financial terms and phrases that relate to money, how to manage our money responsibly and the economy in general. Honestly, I’m not a smart shopper, and I never made use of a budget, but after this programme, I have made it a point to shop more responsibly and to use a budget.

Challenges faced as a secondary educator

I’m very much interested in starting my own business one day, and this programme was just what I needed as a form of motivation to get me started. I enjoyed all the fun lessons and the creativity on the slides. It made it more interesting for the learners, and they enjoyed it as well. What I loved about this programme is that it was open to all our grade 10 learners regardless of their academic performance and backgrounds and they didn’t have to pay for the knowledge that they have gained. It was made possible by the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation. As an educator and facilitator at Aeroville Secondary, I am faced with so many challenges.

The excitement the Young Entrepreneurs programmes foster

Attendance was the issue among our learners, and one of the reasons for poor attendance was the lack of assistance from the school. Knowing our learners and their culture, it wasn’t a good idea to use our Grade 10 learners for this programme because they feel as though once they are in grade 10 they get to choose what’s best for them whereas our grade 8 & 9 learners are more disciplined, responsible and willing to be part of this programme.

I’m looking forward to the continuation of this exciting programme and that it can empower more of our learners to become independent, critical and creative thinkers of this new world.

If you are interested in reaching children in communities and schools who otherwise cannot afford programmes like these, you can play a vital role in making that possible.

Partner with us, we would love to chat with you.

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