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The Impact Young Entrepreneurs Has on a School as a Whole

Testimonials from principals

As a foundation, we are continually seeking to impact the lives of children on a small scale as well as a larger scale. Therefore it is excellent for us to hear back from the very people we are seeking to help.

Previously we heard from parents, teachers, learners as well as Young Entrepreneur facilitators on how the program has changed their lives and furthermore how they have seen children continuously grow from this kind of skills development.  In the blog we will share with you the impact Young Entrepreneurs has made on a school and hear what various principals had to say about the program.

Principals, by profession, are orientated to look at the overall development of the learner while at school. From the classroom to the sports and even see those kids through their culture and extramural endeavours. Furthermore, by having the Young Entrepreneurs program in their schools, they can look at the children develop within another avenue that will later come in handy as they continue to grow and learn.

Let’s read now what two secondary school principals had to say about the impact Young Entrepreneurs has had on their school and its learners.


Young Entrepreneurs Report from Principal Syce

I hereby want to testify and acknowledge the following with regards to the Young Entrepreneurs program.

  • It empowers our learners with practical entrepreneurial skills
  • It broadens the scope of our learners to the world
  • It challenges the learners to think out of the box
  • Excellent, exciting and knowledgeable facilitators train learners
  • Technology such as laptops and data projectors that were used to assist with the latest teaching methods
  • The certificates that learners are getting can open doors for them

In summarizing this is an exciting initiative that empowers our children and impacts our community positively.


Young Entrepreneurs Report from Principal Hendricks

This program is invaluable for learners, the school and community.

Through this programme, learners are equipped with critical skills and knowledge which might assist them to make a meaningful contribution in this community and economy of South Africa.

Critical skills such as entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills are acquired. Learners also utilise this acquired knowledge and skills in their other subjects.

It would be much appreciated if the programme stays in the school as long as the facilities are available.

If you are moved by the testimonies of these principals and would like to read more, please visit our foundation news section for testimonies like these. Furthermore, if you are interested in reaching children in communities and schools who otherwise cannot afford programmes like these, you can play a vital role in making that possible.

Partner with us, we would love to chat with you.

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