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The Young Entrepreneurs Foundation Vision and Goals for 2019

Welcome to a new year with a fresh perspective and endless possibilities. We are coming into this year refreshed and ready to impact more communities through education and skills development via our Young Entrepreneurs programme.

As our first blog for the year, we thought it would be good for us as a foundation to share our goals and vision with you, along with the importance of setting goals.

Why is goal setting important?

There is power in setting goals, and there is a reason why people set them, particularly at the beginning of a new year. It helps you understand your year and assists in the creation of a plan. Furthermore, having goals helps you stay motivated and enables you to be proactive about your vision and mission for your life and your business.

Thus we found it essential to sit down, write out our goals and share them with you.

What are YE Foundation’s goals for 2019?

Our goals and visions for 2019 are simply to put as many children from previously disadvantages communities through our programmes as possible. To do this, we need funders & strategic partners. We need companies to share our purpose and help us build confidence and create awareness in children and give them the knowledge, skills, and ability to become entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial mindset is instilled through constant experiential exposure, and the only way to promote entrepreneurship as an attractive career option and create an entrepreneurial culture in this country is to start as early as possible.

Given to what extent the world of work has changed and the subsequent breakdown of the educational system, there has never been a more critical time to teach life skills such as entrepreneurship and financial education to our children. Yes, children participating in a Young Entrepreneurs programme will gain invaluable business-, life- and financial literacy skills from the experience of starting their micro-enterprise.

Corporates can play a significant role in changing the lives of so many children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We need to empower and capacitate our children with the necessary skills to go out in life and become valuable contributors to the economy and society at large. Together we can INSPIRE DREAMS and empower kids to become the authors of their destiny. We have projects lined up in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and the Free State, but need to expand this to the other provinces as well.

Be a part of your vision this year

If our vision and goals inspire you and your organisation, we would love to chat with you. Furthermore, visit our foundation new section to read more about us and the wonderful testimonies we have received from those who have been impacted by the Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

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