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Why Promoting and Cultivating Entrepreneurship is Vital in Today’s Society

In our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of growing and equipping entrepreneurs as they are a vital part of the overall growth of our country. This is something that cannot be emphasised enough, and we are finally seeing some progress with regards to fostering entrepreneurship. Yes, Entrepreneurial activity amongst young people has seen a decline in South Africa. Even with a slight increase in early-stage entrepreneurial activity, it is not said that we can now stop promoting the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit within young people who may not see starting a business viable for their future.

Thus making it imperative to encourage and promote entrepreneurship through various programmes, mentorship initiatives, skills development as well as competitions that will assist young people with a vision and product to turn that into a business. Why? Entrepreneurship is a crucial factor in the growth of our economy as well as a role player in the job creation.

How Young Entrepreneurs Foundation Assists in Promoting Entrepreneurship

The Young Entrepreneurs programmes were put together to inspire young people to start their ventures. In other words, it is our goal to encourage them to dream and live out those goals and visions they have for themselves. Furthermore, it is our aim as a foundation to make up for the gap left by an educational system that does not equip and prepare students for the working world.

We found it essential to play a role in making sure that young people are taught, equipped and educated with regards to business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy so that they can go on to starting their own business and equip others with an income and a job.

How Entrepreneurship Can Be Cultivated Beyond The Classroom

This is simple. Much like how the sporting fraternity grows its players through competing with other teams, entrepreneurship can be cultivated through healthy competition. Fostering healthy competition and opportunities for children to show off their entrepreneurial skills is a great way for them to put into practice what they have learned and showcase their ambition. This is where they can get a taste of what running a business will be like on a small scale.

How Can You Get Involved? 

If you are interested in the skill development of young people in the entrepreneurial space, then partner with us. Furthermore, visit our foundation news section to read more about us and the beautiful testimonies we have received from those who have been impacted by the Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

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