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Entrepreneurship at grassroot level

Invest in programmes that promote entrepreneurship at grassroot level

Upon researching the topic of Entrepreneurship, particularly for South Africa, the results are not as we wished they would be. A survey done last year by Seed Academy has shown that entrepreneurship is not thriving locally. This goes for entrepreneurs across the country. In this blog, we will have a look at the state of entrepreneurship in South Africa and furthermore look at the role we play as a foundation in addressing this matter at the early development stages in the lives of young people and learners.

The state of entrepreneurship today

Through study and surveys, it has been stated that entrepreneurship does not have the basics right – which is crucial to success. What are these basics? It is early-stage funding, and support throughout the entrepreneurial journey. These are the key challenges facing entrepreneurship today.

What is the cause of this?

It is possible that lack of proper training in entrepreneurship can lead to these critical challenges and the inability to navigate them. Yes, the economic climate has a role to play in difficulties such as inability to raise funds, finding the right clients, having to do several tasks as you are unable to hire more people – but there is a solution for this, and it is proper training and skill development that can equip you to problem solve and anticipate these challenges.

Where does Young Entrepreneurs fit in this picture?

Young Entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in the necessary skills development needed to produce successful and competent entrepreneurs – who will intern assist in the survival of entrepreneurship in South Africa. Programmes like Young Entrepreneurs foster a growing interest in entrepreneurship and should be highly supported.

The key to a successful entrepreneur does not only come down to funding, but it comes down to proper business planning, networking skills and financial literacy. This is where Young Entrepreneurs places its efforts in teaching children and young people the vital skills to start and run a successful business one day.

How can you as a prospective investor get involved?

If you have a passion for young people and making sure they have the necessary tools and skills to make a success of their dreams and business visions – you will be able to help. How? By playing a vital role in making sure our program reaches children in communities and schools who otherwise cannot afford programmes like these.

Partner with us, we would love to chat with you.


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