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Successful day for young entrepreneurs

Business boomed for 14 little entrepreneurs of the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation (YEF) this past Saturday as most of their self-made products sold out like hot cakes. The minipreneurs took the Langenhoven Market by storm with their self-made products that turned out to be a crowd favourite. Their products included notebooks, bracelets, keyrings, wooden brooches, fridge magnets, earrings and rings. The learners …

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Minipreneurs developed at Nozala Primary

Young Entrepreneurs Foundation started a programme with 16 minipreneurs at Nozala Primary School in Bloemfontein on 26 March as part of their programme which will educate children from the age of 7 to 15 on vital entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills and which will help them start growing their own micro-enterprises in a fun and experiential way. Young Entrepreneurs founders …

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Entrepreneurship at grassroot level

Invest in programmes that promote entrepreneurship at grassroot level

Upon researching the topic of Entrepreneurship, particularly for South Africa, the results are not as we wished they would be. A survey done last year by Seed Academy has shown that entrepreneurship is not thriving locally. This goes for entrepreneurs across the country. In this blog, we will have a look at the state of entrepreneurship in South Africa and …

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Young Entrepreneur Foundation

How Has Young Entrepreneurs Impacted a First Time Young Entrepreneur Facilitator

As a Foundation, there is nothing better than getting honest feedback from those who are directly impacted by the Young Entrepreneurs programme. Furthermore, it gives you as prospective donors and investors an idea into the programme and how it works. In this blog, you will meet Siphoesthu Tonga from Johnson Nqonqoza School in Somerset East, South Africa. She gave us …

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Entrepreneurship on society

Why Promoting and Cultivating Entrepreneurship is Vital in Today’s Society

In our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of growing and equipping entrepreneurs as they are a vital part of the overall growth of our country. This is something that cannot be emphasised enough, and we are finally seeing some progress with regards to fostering entrepreneurship. Yes, Entrepreneurial activity amongst young people has seen a decline in South Africa. Even …

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Young Entrepreneurs programme

The Young Entrepreneurs Foundation Vision and Goals for 2019

Welcome to a new year with a fresh perspective and endless possibilities. We are coming into this year refreshed and ready to impact more communities through education and skills development via our Young Entrepreneurs programme. As our first blog for the year, we thought it would be good for us as a foundation to share our goals and vision with …

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Young entrepreneurs in class

The Impact Young Entrepreneurs Has on a School as a Whole

Testimonials from principals As a foundation, we are continually seeking to impact the lives of children on a small scale as well as a larger scale. Therefore it is excellent for us to hear back from the very people we are seeking to help. Previously we heard from parents, teachers, learners as well as Young Entrepreneur facilitators on how the …

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Young Entrepreneurs Brainstorming

The Two Challenges Encountered By Young Entrepreneurs

How to overcome these stumbling blocks We cannot deny the impressive growth that Africa has experienced in the past 25 years and our transitions to a digital economy. However, we cannot overlook the increase in youth unemployment. This continent has the largest youth population in the world, accounting for 60% of the jobless in Africa. This is a frightening statistic. …

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The South African Entrepreneur Landscape: What Does The Research Say?

We are all capable of an idea. This is where youth entrepreneurship takes shape – with a plan which will either fulfil a need or provide a service. But what is the next step? Once you have conceptualized your concept, you will move on to the planning phase, and then you will begin to ask the question that holds back …

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Entrepreneurship: The Key to Economic Growth in South Africa

It is safe to say that economically, South Africa has had a difficult year. This year it was stated that we are currently in a recession. In 2017, the World Bank downgraded the county, forecasting our growth to 0.6 per cent from 1.1 per cent at the beginning of that year. The saving grace of South Africa is the need …

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