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Our trusted Young Entrepreneur Foundation Partners

This page is dedicated to our unbelievable sponsors and partners, without whom none of the work we do across South Africa would be possible. So thank you!

We have a varying number of programmes and projects, as well as individuals and schools that need financial aid in order for us to bring Young Entrepreneurs and our extramural education to the youth of South Africa. As you will have gathered not only from our website but from mainstream media too, South Africa cannot keep up with the creation of jobs and career fulfilment to eradicate the problem we have with poverty.

Statistics prove that South Africa’s job market is fueled by small business owners, but the business success rate is somewhat dismal.  Much of this can be attributed to a problem in the education system not only in South Africa but globally. The entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills required to make entrepreneurship a success are not taught in the traditional education systems across the world.

This is where Young Entrepreneurs Foundation hopes to make a difference, by enabling more of the youth to open up their eyes and minds to the possibilities of entrepreneurship and owning their own businesses so that together we can build a sustainable country and economy.

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